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The following services will be offered, serving the colorguard, competitive twirling and dance worlds.

With the use of technology we are able to offer many of these services via zoom / facetime calls, etc.

Online critiquing: Though the pandemic brought Zoom possibilities to the forefront; online critique of tricks, routines and training have always been an option. Through FaceTime or another platform, the ability to give coaching or creative advice to professionals or athletes is a valuable option to increasing your opportunity for input through the season. As a Master judge, coach and clinician, my eye for routine construction, technique and style is helpful to many modes of performance.

Choreography Services

Zoom lessons and in-person consultation/choreography: Constructing routines, developing programs, creating events and building large and small productions………….from Opening Ceremonies of National Gymnastic events to Touring companies performing in Europe…………my experience in every level of performance is the pathway to individual and group excitement!!

Music Selection & Editing

Music selection and editing. This service offers tailoring music to the age and styling of the performer with coach input as to “growth” year or “show skills” year (to be described). Want a piece of music that is unique? I’ll find it. Want a song that stretches your students? Want one that showcases his/her best talents? Do you want pieces blended? With my experience in working with musical ensembles, musical scores and a wide variety of styles and composers…………my background opens the door to many options.

Costume Design

Costume design: Most notably, I love designing costumes to match the event, the athlete and the styles to be highlighted. Whether for dance, guard or twirling events (solo, strut, multiple baton, college, shows or freestyles)………….costume ideas must be personal and tailored to the person.

Baton Twirling Lessons

Zoom lessons and in-person baton twirling lessons. Everything from tricks to full routines.

Color Guard Instruction

Zoom lessons and in-person color guard routines and show production services.

Coach Mentoring

Coach mentoring: Need help in how to deal with problem parents? Want advice on how to stop the drama? Want encouragement for your coaching business and talents? Mentoring has been a key element in my business. From young guard designers and band directors to long time dance and twirling coaches………….the ability to talk about things and bounce ideas toward you is rewarding for me and helpful for you.