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Kyle Keiser is a results oriented owner and contributor to youth development and programs. Broad experience with organized activities in both the academic and business environment. An individual with global experience but local sensibility. Expertise in performance management, succession planning and process improvement. Strategic planner with strong communication skills and committed passion.


  • Recruitment/staffing
  • Performance management systems
  • Training programs developmenT
  • Communication
  • Motivational leadership
  • CPR and First Aid certified
  • Self-motivated
  • Time management
  • Athletic training and coaching
  • Personable and friendly

Kyle's Jouney

Everyone’s twirling journey is unique. With history on our side and the ability to evolve as a sport, Kyle has been fortunate to go from a competitor to coach, judge and professional with amazing experiences on all sides. Twirling helped define who she would become and lead to other opportunities in creations in movement. 800 trophies, 56 State and Regional titles, 22 National championships are the things a parent remembers. The students who become national champions and world medalists are great, but nothing is as rewarding as having amazing people in our lives because of the sport.

Working on the Technical Advisory Group, being a US National and World judge, a clinician in several countries and other administrative and coaching titles are words on a resume. But, the goosebumps of a great performance, the life long connection to friends around the world and the freedom to create through visual display and movement are the magnets that keep us here and offer the best rewards. The discipline of practice, the joy of performance and the people involved have created a wonderful life. Let’s twirl!


USTA Judge since 1983. USTA Coach since 1977. World Federation Judge since the first Master Judge workshop and International Coach since 1981. Coach of numerous National champions and World Team Medalists. Kappa Kappa Psi Honorary Member. Technical Advisory Group member for over 20 years contributing to the development and implementation of many successful programs and policies. Author of many of the manuals and writings in use today by the USTA.